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PO Box 13 - Macon, MO  63552

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Are held the last Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM

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Macon Co ARC Photos

2 Meter Repeater
146.805 MHz (-) / 156.7 Hz PL

Updated 8/24/2018

This spring, during routine maintenance, Thad, KC0AQG discovered that we may have taken a lightning hit sometime in the last few weeks that caused some receiver issues.  The duplexer was completely torn apart, cleaned and retuned.  There was some indications of char, so that was all taken care of.  After putting everything back together, there was NO desense to the receiver.  Everything checked out good and we're back on the air.
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Check back here often for informational updates and information regarding the N0PR Repeater
The new Macon Co ARC Repeater is  ON THE AIR

A GE Mastr III VHF 100 watt repater and duplexer were installed this morning!

The old repeaters were removed and awaiting service in hopes of having a fully functional backup machine.

New Equipment:
GE Mastr III VHF Repeater
146.805 MHz (-), 156.7 Hz Tx & Rx
Sinclair Duplexer
DB224-E 6 db gain ant at 220'
7/8" hardline.
85 watt Transmitter
.6 db loss jumper
.3 db loss duplexer
1.1 db loss hardline
213 watts ERP
Squelch set to open at appox .28 uv (-118 dBm)

​A heavy duty Polyphaser is installed on the AC side along with being on UPS and generator backup.

Since this is a modified commercial repeater, it is not ID happy, so it doesn't advertise itself at predescribed intervals.  Once the repeater is keyed and remains active, it will ID in approximately 10 minutes.  When the repeater is idle, it will not ID.  These radios were set up that way to satisfy FCC Rules for Part 90 stations. 

We replaced the jumper from the polyphaser to the radio with new RG214 and a new run of ground wire from the radio back to the ground buss.  

Check back often for updates.
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